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YotaPhone 2, innovative dual-screen smartphone | REVIEW buy cymbalta usa


YotaPhone 2, innovative dual-screen smartphone | REVIEW

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Considering the price tag attached to the Yotaphone 2 I was disappointed to find an 8MP camera slapped on the rear of the device. Especially when its predecessor has a 13MP snapper.

The top Android phones at the moment are sporting 13MP, 16MP and even 20MP+ cameras, so the Yotaphone does feel a little behind the times.

It’s not all about meagpixels though, and the iPhone 6 shows that an 8MP lens is more than capable of taking some quite lovely smartphone shots. Sadly though, the camera here isn’t in the same league as Apple’s.

Yotaphone 2 review

This is a snapper you’d expect to find on mid-range devices, around half the cost of the Yotaphone 2. It’s certainly not terrible, just a little disappointing.

At least Yota has shifted the camera to the more sensible top-centre location on the back of the handset, as the original had it in the bottom corner which was pretty inconvenient.

The camera app is just Google’s stock Android offering, which offers up a small array of features including photo sphere, panorama and lens blur. It can also capture 1080p video through the rear camera and the front facing, 2.1MP lens.

It’s all pretty standard, with no effects or advanced settings over a flash, timer and the option to toggle manual exposure.

The rear screen does provide a useful feature – fire up the camera app and then switch to mirror mode and when you flip the phone around you’ll see your face on the E-Ink display.

For the selfie lovers out there it makes getting yourself and your mates in shot easy and you get a better quality picture as you’re using the higher res rear camera.

Yotaphone 2 review

The E-Ink display does a surprisingly good job of keeping up with your movements and as long as there’s enough light it’s a handy feature. Find yourself in a darker area though and the limitations of the black and white screen will mean you’ll struggle to see what’s happening.

Tap to focus is present, and for the odd snap here and there the Yotaphone 2 does an acceptable job with a decent shutter speed, but the results are nothing special.

Pictures tend to look a little washed out, and the level of detail is lacking with blurry backgrounds and some noticeable graining.

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