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110 million devices are running Windows 10 right now

terry myerson windows 10


110 million devices are running Windows 10 right now

Windows 10 is running on more than 110 million devices. That sounds like pretty good progress considering that Microsoft said it hoped to reach 1 billion devices “within two to three years” at the company’s developer conference in April, and that only 2 months have passed since the new OS was released.

On top of that, today at Microsoft’s Windows 10 hardware event, Terry Myerson said that 650 billion web pages have been viewed on Edge, the company’s newest browser, and users have streamed 120 years of gameplay from Xbox systems to Windows 10 devices.

The early engagement with Windows 10 doesn’t stop there. Users have also already proven hungry for things to do with the new operating system, according to Myerson — there has been more than one billion visits to Windows app store from Windows 10 devices since the July launch. Cortana has been served with more than a billion queries from Windows 10 devices, too.

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