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Samsung launches the 950 Pro, the fastest SSD that you can actually buy

950 pro ssd


Samsung launches the 950 Pro, the fastest SSD that you can actually buy

Samsung has just launched the 950 Pro, its first consumer SSD that puts vertical NAND (V-NAND) tech into a gumstick-sized M.2 PCI Express device. The result, as you might guess, is speed. The 512GB model offers can read at 2.5GB/s and write at 1.5GB/s, with random read performance up to 300K IOPS, and write speeds up to 110K IOPS. As is typical with SSDs, the smaller capacity drive is a bit slower. The 256GB version has read/write speeds of up to 2.2/0.9 GB/s, random read performance of up to 270K IOPS, and random write speeds of up to 85K IOPS.

The 950 Pro is also Samsung’s first mainstream drive to use NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), an interface designed specifically for SSDs to help them sip less power and last longer. As a result, it consumes 5.7W of power on average and both versions come with a 5-year limited warranty of up to 200 TB written for the 256GB, and 400TB for the 512GB version. Many competitor SSDs still use the older AHCI standard, designed by Intel in 2004 for traditional, spinning hard drives, and this hobbles performance on low-latency NAND chips

The 950 Pro follows in the footsteps of Samsung’s SATA-interface 850 Pro, but leaves that drive in the dust with four times the read speeds and triple the write speeds. The company is positioning it as “ideal for professionals who want cutting-edge performance, higher bandwidth and lower latency for high-end PCs” or laptops. They can also withstand 20G vibrations and 1500G (over 0.5 milliseconds) of physical shock, making them suitable for rugged devices. The best part is that, unlike Samsung’s previous OEM-only drives, you can buy one easily — they arrive next month for $200 (256GB) and $350 (512GB).

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