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Dark Souls 3 gameplay video shows new combat moves and dragon

dark souls 3


Dark Souls 3 gameplay video shows new combat moves and dragon

Some early Dark Souls 3 footage has appeared online showing some mostly-familiar sword-and-board Dark Souls combat from the upcoming sequel. There’s a mana bar now, which can be replenished with the blue estus flask you see at the bottom left of the screen. The bar can be spent on spells and new special weapon abilities, like the huge uppercut the player performs with the double-handed sword at 2:25.

The villains are mostly familiar dogs and hollows, but the boss that appears at the end of the video is beautiful, in a ghostly dervish sort of way. There’s also a dragon. Or rather, something that looks like a dragon. The dragons of Dark Souls preceded the events of the first game, and the dragon-like things you fight are mostly underdeveloped remnants like drakes and wyverns.

It’s impossible to communicate the pleasure of eking your way through a new zone in a trailer. For that, we’ll have to wait for release in April 2016.

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