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15 beautiful ways to use the new Instagram filters


15 beautiful ways to use the new Instagram filters

It’s time to move beyond #nofilter.

Recently, Instagram added new filters — Crema, Perpetua, Ludwig, Slumber and Aden — for the first time since 2012. According to Instagram’s blog, the massive update was inspired by new smartphone technology and evolving photography trends.

While snap-happy smartphone photographers still have the ability to play with customization controls on Instagram, the five new filters subtly shift colors and contrast for stylish photos with one tap. However, not every filter is perfect for every situation.

When you have an infinite amount of photo opportunities, knowing the right filter can turn your Instagram into a work of art.

1. For portraits and selfies: Ludwig


Ludwig, by far the most versatile of the new filters, subtly bumps up the contrast while enhancing highlights in your photo for a very “no filter” look.


2. For landscapes and cityscapes: Slumber

instagr.amThe yellow tint and low contrast of Slumber add a hazy, moody and dreamlike cast over landscape and cityscape photos that don’t necessarily have a distinct point of focus.


3. For pastries and desserts: Crema

Crema adds a smooth, low contrast look to your desserts and pastries, making them all the more appetizing.

4. For public transit shots: Perpetua

If there was ever a way to make the subway look pretty, it’s with Perpetua. The greenish-blue tint gives tiles and trains a vintage photo feel and adds a little contrast for a clearer shot.

5. For sunsets: Ludwig

By adding contrast, Ludwig enhances the amount of black in your photo and makes reds, oranges and purples pop.

6. For bright, baby smooth skin: Aden



The pinkish-purple pastel hue of Aden enhances highlights to skintones, adding a little life to your portrait. The lower contrast is also helpful in smoothing over blemishes (if you have them).


7. For busy street scenes: Ludwig

You can make make motion shots look clean and crisp without having to fiddle with the customization tools on Instagram with Ludwig.


8. For latte art: Crema

Crema really lives up to its name. The creamy look is perfect for making your coffee art look extra pretty.


9. For the Christmas tree: Ludwig

While Ludwig makes your photo a little darker, it also makes lights and neon signs really pop by increasing the brightness just the right amount to compensate for the higher contrast.


10. For warm tones, like brick: Aden

Warm, natural tones like wood, fall foliage and brick buildings look all the more beautiful with a pastel color cast, even in harsh light.


11. For nature: Perpetua

Perpetua’s earthy color enhances natural greens and blues found in nature while also making complimentary colors like oranges and reds stand out brighter.


12. For architecture: Ludwig

Ludwig only adds a light touch of photo manipulation in relation to the other filters, but even the subtle difference it adds makes intricate facades and shadows on buildings look stark and clear.


13. For portraits in harsh light: Aden


Aden’s pastel hue and low contrast isn’t just good for your skintone, it is also good for smoothing out harsh shadows and glare from bright light.


14. For the sunrise: Perpetua

The greenish-blue tint of Perpetua brings out the blue, purple and pinks of dawn.


15. For fall: Slumber

Yellows, browns and reds of fall foliage appear darker and dustier with Slumber’s yellow cast.





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