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Nokia Lumia 630, a cheap alternative to Android | REVIEW


Nokia Lumia 630, a cheap alternative to Android | REVIEW

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The Nokia Lumia 630 has a 1830mAh battery at the heart of it, a significant boost over the 1430mAh found in the Nokia Lumia 520 and the 1300mAh battery found in the Nokia Lumia 620.

This much needed improvement in battery power has resulted in a significant improvement in performance over previous iterations. The Nokia Lumia 630 can now make it through the day with no problems, as long as you’re not constantly glued to it for 24 hours.

Nokia Lumia 630 review

The Nokia Lumia 630 also fared well in our battery test – running a 90-minute video from a fully charged handset with Wi-Fi on, social networks and emails set to push notifications and the screen turned up to full brightness.

The battery dropped to 77% by the end. Not too shabby and the Nokia Lumia 630 fared even better when performing standard every day functions like making calls and playing music.

Nokia claims the Lumia 630 provides up to 25 days of standby time over 3G, 16.4 of talk-time over GSM and maximum 3G talk time of up to 13.1 hours. It also claims over 58 hours of music playback time and 7 hours for video.

If this doesn’t live up to your expectations there is a battery saver, which prevents apps from syncing in the background.

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