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Nokia Lumia 630, a cheap alternative to Android | REVIEW


Nokia Lumia 630, a cheap alternative to Android | REVIEW

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The Nokia Lumia 630 is a no nonsense phone with a no nonsense price tag. It was never going to take on the mighty iPhones or the HTC One M8’s of this world but that’s not what it’s there for.

What it does, it does well and it’s a suitable upgrade on the ridiculously popular Nokia Lumia 520.

We liked

As the first phone with Windows Phone 8.1 straight out of the box, the Nokia Lumia 630 is a great draw and not just because of that but its price point as well.

Microsoft and Nokia have taken everything I liked from the Nokia Lumia 520 and improved it in some way. The battery is more powerful and lasts longer and the quad-core processor is a much-needed upgrade to cope with the increased choice in apps, games and entertainment.

The extension of the additional memory is a plus, as is the Dual-SIM functionality. It’s a great phone for small-medium sized businesses. With built in Microsoft Office and OneNote you have everything you need for both a personal and professional device.

We disliked

One thing to improve upon for the Nokia Lumia 520 is the camera. Although you wouldn’t expect much more for that money, it clearly needed a bit of work and with the flash still missing it does let an otherwise stellar phone down. I also miss the external camera button – bring it back Nokia please, I beg of you.

As with other Nokia Lumia devices, the screen does tend to stick a little and attract dirt, fingerprints and marks quite easily which is a real shame as the rest of the phone looks quite appealing, although a little cheap.


I’d like to take my hat off to Microsoft and Nokia who have built on the success of the Nokia Lumia 520 brilliantly to design and build yet another respectable budget phone in the Nokia Lumia 630.

For a low price it does all the basics and does them well but also offers a decent battery, solid quad-core processor and a whole host of new features in Windows Phone 8.1.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not the perfect phone, but for a bargainous £79.99 on pay as you go it’s a brilliant addition to the market and I foresee it becoming even more popular than the Nokia Lumia 520.

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